Karkaro Beach Cottages
Lake Langano, Ethiopia
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The Rift Valley in this area has been seriously environmentally degraded. We are doing our best to bring back the trees and ground cover of the past on our site. Every seedling is important for the success of this recovery.

Many of the rules below are to help ensure that restoration can take place. We know and appreciate the fact that these rules are an unnecessary reminder for 99 percent of you (as you desire to protect the environment as much as we do), but there are others who need these rules to take care of our natural resources.

Please keep away from all construction sites.

Trees are very precious, and so there is absolutely no cutting off or breaking off of branches for any reason, especially for firewood--even if it appears to be dead. (There is an insect here that bores into broken branch ends that eventually kills the tree, and breaking off branches provides access points for these insects to lay their eggs.) You will be asked to leave immediately without a refund if you do not obey this rule.

If you need firewood, it is best to purchase firewood along the main highway as you near Langano.

Please, please do not drive over young trees as you drive to your campsite.

While you are welcome to camp in a campsite, you are not welcome to drive your vehicle into the sand to camp on the beach. When you are stuck, in the process of pulling your vehicle out of the sand we will be damaging trees and vegetation. If you get stuck and require help removing your vehicle, you will be charged a 25.00 USD fine.

All campfires must be contained within the campfire sites. No campfires are allowed to grow large enough to burn trees. If in doubt, don't do it. No campfires on the beach sand.

Drinking alcohol is not allowed on the beach. You may drink alcohol at your campsite.

Karkaro Beach Cottages is intended to be a quiet and relaxing place and these types of activities do not allow this to happen for the others who are staying here. If you are disturbing the other campers or renters with your music or party, you will be asked to leave.

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